Thought’s in a name – a poem by JBMulligan

thought's in a name

God is the name for something God is not.
The smoky veils of prayer, the naked light
dancing on air, the trembling hand of thought – 

nothing can keep a truth which can't be caught,
which waits beyond the clutch of appetite.
God is the name for something God is not.

We offer up ourselves: it can't be bought,
nor dragged forth from despair, nor from delight
dancing in air on trembling wings of thought.

We cup our hands... and clap.  What have we got?
We peek through fingers, but it's taken flight.
God is the name for something God is not.

Desire's the daughter of the future:  what
we have we hold; what was ours once, seems slight,
dances on air in trembling forms of thought.

Tomorrow finds the dawn and pushes out,
so makes a broken mother of tonight.
God is the name for something God is not,
dances in trembling air, in thoughts of thought.

JBMulligan has published more than 1100 poems and stories in various magazines over the past 45 years, and has had two chapbooks: The Stations of the Cross and THIS WAY TO THE EGRESS, as well as 2 e-books: The City of Now and Then, and A Book of Psalms (a loose translation). He has appeared in more than a dozen anthologies. 

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  1. erikleo says:

    I find it significant that more and more poetry has a spiritual theme today. It has been a long journey form the atheism and/or angst of the mid twentieth century to our own uncertain times, but I sense poets are now acknowledging a spiritual dimension, such as in this poem.


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