Rising – a poem by Margo McCall

It’s too loud in this cacophonic cave
echoing with old lovers’ cries
too bright with the light
of passing smiles,
the dazed glory of dazzle,
all razzle and righteousness,
arms and legs of a thousand
bodies thrashing against
The journeys taken,
Never taken, wrong turns
Fording mountains to 
The inner realms
The outer realms
Realms, a silver thread
Straining and pulling
Tight, all gossamer, all
Shiny with light.
Below, the vibrating undercurrent
Of eternal sweetness,
Thrum of hummingbird wings,
Morning breeze ruffling the curtains,
A pie cooling on the ledge.
The battle will be fought
And refought –no winners, only
Scarred participants 
Dragging themselves up,
Rising to live and fight
Another day.  

Margo McCall‘s short stories have appeared in Pacific Review, Heliotrope, In*tense, Sidewalks, Rockhurst Review, Toasted Cheese, and other journals. Her nonfiction has appeared in Herizons, Lifeboat: A Journal of Memoir, Pilgrimage, the Los Angeles Times, and a variety of other publications. A graduate of the M.A. creative writing program at California State University Northridge, she lives in the port town of Long Beach, California. For more information, visit http://www.margomccall.com.

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