The Northern Wood – a poem by Tony Lucas

There was a crack that ran right through 
the landscape, where the trees stood bare 
- a solemn flaw that winter cold exposed.  
Frost spread its stars across the wall; 
she fingered their strange patterns, bright 
in the sombre morning.  Mindful  
of how some took for granted her belonging 
she had stayed on, content with their 
accommodation, though aware of never 
being quite what they believed she was.  
A shift of light had changed the music.
Resuming her uncharted way, she saw
how green persisted under the naked trees 
and hoped their dark deposit of dead leaves 
would soon be webbed with snowdrops.

Tony Lucas has lived and worked in inner South London for many years.   Hs work has been published both in the UK and America, with the most recent collection of his work, Unsettled Accounts, issued by Stairwell Books in 2015.

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