Such Things – a poem by F.C. Shultz

Such Things
by F.C. Shultz
Whatever is
like a timely sunrise;
meditate here. 
Whatever is                                                                                             
like a spring doe;
linger long here. 
Whatever is
like a shared tricycle;
turn these over often. 
Whatever is
like a swaddled firstborn;
consider these.
Whatever is
like a steaming cobbler;
marvel here.
Whatever is
like a crayoned scribble;
ponder here. 
If there be any
open-armed apology;
dwell here. 
If there be any
open-handed surrender;
dwell here. 

F.C. Shultz‘s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Ekstasis Magazine, The Show Bear Family Circus, and The Joplin Toad. He is the poetry editor for the Webb City Sentinel and his debut poetry collection was recently published by Pub Hound Press. His website is

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  1. Wonderful musings…


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