rhapsody: (n.) an effusively extravagant discourse – a poem by Cheyenne McGuire

rhapsody:  (n.) an effusively extravagant discourse
before this wood altar stained
in years of splashed wine.  
this church, its slatted-oak floors—
no response to my presence.  
monstrance adorns ordinary bread—
before me, a priest 
wrapped You in gold.
years later, You found me 
shrouded in this silence,
waiting for the right words 
to speak themselves from my mouth 
so i can find You 
wondrous, marvelous.  
i never wanted a monstrance.
if You speak now, speak 
in spilled wine, nails 
and scrap wood.

Cheyenne McGuire is a rural poet from Colorado who focuses on the interactions of the ordinary and divine.  She is currently studying English and Creative Writing at the University of Iowa.  Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in earthwords, Quarantine Magazine, and Ink Lit Mag.  

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