A Poem of Peace from Insanely-Priced-Leggings Reviews – poetry by Heather Truett

A Poem of Peace from Insanely-Priced-Leggings Reviews
             (found poetry)

5 Stars

I love the way peace fits, and - to top it off - you cannot find
this color in the stores. Vibrant green!

I’m 130 pounds, 5’5”, and my hips are pretty
curvy. This Peace fit perfectly. Quality is there.
It does not feel constricting like cheaper
Peace has felt.

This Peace is the comfiest Peace I have ever
worn. It’s thick but not too tight and will fit
your body like a blanket. It even has a fuzzy
inner lining that keeps me warm and cozy.

4 Stars

This Peace is so soft and so breathable.

Great fit!
Washes well!

My only complaint is Peace’s outrageous pricing.

3 Stars

I got the wrong size - will exchange it. I’m sure
the right size will make a difference.

I love the feel of this Peace when I first
put it on. The problem comes when I start
to move. The Peace gradually slips down. I feel
as if I have to stop and pull it up.

Extremely comfortable Peace, but after
a few hours of wear, it seemed to stretch
out. I had to constantly tug the elastic, 
which is very distracting.

Not to mention, Peace snags a lot.

2 Stars

Peace is too small, and there’s the hassle
of duty and taxes. I think I deserve
better than this.

I received this Peace as a gift and was so excited, having worn
my old Peace into the ground. So disappointed… This Peace feels
thinner. There is no compression, so the Peace feels loose, like it might
slip right off if I wear it to Yoga.

Bummer, because now I can only
wear Peace around my house.

1 Star

I bought my Peace in a store, because
it felt great - nice and tight. Now, after only
a few days, Peace has lost its hold. It’s stretched out. I see
no mention of this in the return policy.

I returned it. The Peace delivered had glue spots, and it totally
flattened my backside.

This Peace is itchy, scratchy, stiff, and see-thru.

I feel deceived.

Heather Truett is an MFA candidate and an #actuallyautistic author. Her debut novel is releasing in 2021. She has published poetry and short fiction with Tipton Poetry Journal, Panoply Zine, Drunk Monkeys, and others. Heather is represented by Hilary Harwell and serves on staff for The Pinch.

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