Sudden Blue – a poem by Clint King

Sudden Blue
 After Psalm 139

Is this the furthest ocean
the final arms where all gulls glide
Is this the sudden blue where
whales bathe and hear their song in first stereo
Is this the shore where
I should always stand surrendered to stardust
Should I walk these sands
until muscle gives out at last
as if I ever had control at all
as if I ever knew why I moved the way I do
There is nothing to look for deeper
than the endurance running toward me
What do we wait for
not already waiting for us?
What aches to outstretch to you
and see you as you have never been seen?
Would you meet wonder on the corner,
carrying nothing, as if your whole search for eternity
could flicker under a lamppost
How gorgeous to be greeted
without words
And to step into night
as confident as wings
No longer gathering the will
to outfly the moon

Clint King is an American poet. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, he graduated from Miami University, with a double major in History and Political Science, and a minor in American Literature. He lives in California, where he is at work on a collection of poems and his debut novel.

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