Explaining the Rainbow – a poem by Barbara Alfaro

Explaining the Rainbow
The moon needs no footnotes or praise
nor does the rainbow whose beauty
silences thunder. Thales it is said
tripped and fell while studying stars.
Anaximander introduced the infinite
as the beginnings of all. Anaximenes
concerned himself with the behavior of
earth, the sun ~ and explaining the rainbow.
Poets thought the stream of colors 
across the sky the goddess Iris.
And children busy playing
disturb timelessness with their giggles.

Barbara Alfaro is the recipient of a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award for her play Dos Madres and the IndieReader Discovery Award for Best Memoir for her memoir Mirror Talk. Her poems have appeared in various journals including Poet Lore, Variant Literature, and Glassworks. Her poetry collection, Catbird, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. http://www.BarbaraAlfaro.net

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