When Blue Breaks – a poem by Marjorie Moorhead

When Blue Breaks
through the clouds
in pools of relief
from solid monotone grey-white
of January skies,
my heart sighs, rejoicing 
in reprieve.
Oppressive grey covered all
like a silencer, muffling.
Blue breaking through
brings a melody
of gratitude.
A feeling that yes,
what’s essential and true
presents itself
clear; crystal; 
beyond hazy daze 
of cover-up.
Blue breaks through,
sharp as a thorn jutting from a vine;
blue as a fallen icicle piercing
the snow. Its shadow, where it lands,
arrowing the way to go;
freeing up possibility;
cracking open a lane 
for discovery 
of what to do. 

Marjorie Moorhead writes from northern New England. Happy to have found the language and community of poetry, her work addresses environment, survival, relationship. The author of two chapbooks, and a forthcoming collection, included in nine anthologies, and many literary sites, much of Marjorie’s work can be seen here: 

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