When Green Met Blue – a poem by Marjorie Moorhead

When Green Met Blue
Sweet Pine needles and sap-shingled cones 
carpeted the grassy yard. Green boughs high above 
full, deep in a sky of robin’s-egg hue. A view 
perceived lolling flat, face turned up, 
at the base of towering trunks.
A particular meeting, of that green with that blue,
thrives in this heart, where memory dwells.
I can feel it now, sitting in April sun, 
as birds chirp so clearly, oblivious. 
Pure bliss and simple gift; One-ness.


Marjorie Moorhead writes from northern New England. Happy to have found the language and community of poetry, her work addresses environment, survival, relationship. The author of two chapbooks, and a forthcoming collection, included in nine anthologies, and many literary sites, much of Marjorie’s work can be seen here: 

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