Drop in a Waterfall – a poem by James Hannon

Drop In A Waterfall

Who tells me 
a drop in a waterfall
is not enough?
Must I shine like a sun
so my planets 
can orbit around me?
Or be an angel at the top 
of the tree?
What is so wrong about
being part of the flow,
one among many?
My sister brother droplets,
what is the ocean
but all of us finally together?

James Hannon is a psychotherapist in Massachusetts where he accompanies adolescents and adults recovering from disappointments, deceptions, and addictions. His poetry and non-fiction have appeared in journals including Amethyst ReviewBlue River, Cold Mountain Review and in Gathered: Contemporary Quaker Poets.  His collection, The Year I Learned The Backstroke,was published by Aldrich Press.

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