Women’s Circle on a Friday Evening – a poem by Melody Wang

Women’s Circle on a Friday Evening

What do you seek? the sage’s eyes are kind, her voice gentle,
allowing me space to revel in the silence. I am tense, unable
to meet her gaze. Clarity, I finally choke, my eyes closing
I can feel my heart, long burdened with sorrow, opening 
amid a room of strangers, releasing all that had bound me 
for the past decade marking your departure from this earth
Beyond this sanctuary, the sullen rain falls like a mantra.
As if in a dream or perhaps a faded memory, I hear 
the sage’s voice murmur something about eucalyptus trees
I sink into a kinder time of soft sunlight, lemony scent
of crescent leaves permeating the air, the familiar grove 
enveloping me in a warm embrace and at the far end  
I see you, one eye closed and one eye open — a smile
softening your face, you hover between realms, so aware
of both and yet enveloped in the sweetest slumber
See you soon, my smile back is tremulous. I slowly exhale
and linger in the stillness. I know this now: you lived. 
You felt it all and persevered. I will do the same.

Melody Wang currently resides in sunny Southern California with her dear husband. In her free time, she dabbles in piano composition and also enjoys hiking, baking, and playing with her dogs. She can be found on Twitter @MelodyOfMusings.  

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