Sunrise from St Michael’s Tower – a poem by Alice Watson

Sunrise from St Michael’s Tower

tangerine bands already streak
across stretched out sky.

If the heavens do speak of glory
then surely here,
where each cold stone remembers 
the caress of angels
and every breeze is a song.

But I have been in church lately
and found nothing.

the fields lie shimmering
and willow steeples call across the floodwater.
The dawn seeps upwards
and ink-blot clouds begin to show
and I think I might walk,

weightless and unashamed
across the meniscus of this new day.

Alice Watson is a new poet, a priest, and a mother to young children based in Northamptonshire, England. She is inspired by the natural world and her faith. She has had work published in Earth and Altar and Dreich. She chats about faith, ministry, and feminism (amongst other things) on Twitter @alicelydiajoy.

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