Opa! To The Evermore of The Great Somewhere – a poem by Stephanie K. Merrill

Opa! To The Evermore of The Great Somewhere

So.   Now we are old.   I see you
from a distance in the produce aisle 
checking the blackness of the grapes
the softness of the pears
   and I think
Oh! that's my old hat man

as you ramble off with the cart
searching for fresh kale.
Now we are ripe.

I used to dream about you 
climbing over mountains without
me at the bottom trying to get out the words
   wait up!

But.   You are on the other side before I can speak.

Once.   I saw you waving goodbye
from the train's window
me running beside the tracks
trying to catch you.

But.   The dream that roots in me 
is one of disembodied love 
more grave than a slaughtering of horses
   in deep grief 
I come upon a cottage in the forest
knowing you are dead
But.   There you are in the kitchen waiting 
raising a glass of wine in opa! to our reunion.
   I love you so much 
I am weeping on my morning pillow
you snoring bawdily beside me.

I would wake from the dead for you
would stay with the brute truths of our bodies--
the gouty feet
the thinning hairs
these stiffening fingers, a bundle of sticks--
to forgo all the perfections of the divine.

Yes.   We are old now.   But not older than dirt you say.

No.   Not older than dirt.
But.   The dust storms circle.

If.   You board the train without me


on the platform where you arrive

   I will be

on the next train coming.

Stephanie K. Merrill has poems recently published in The Rise Up ReviewSage Cigarettes MagazineFeral: A Journal of Poetry and Art, and elsewhere. She has work forthcoming in UCity Review and in Moist Poetry Journal. Stephanie K. Merrill is a Pushcart Prize nominee and a retired high school English teacher. She lives in Austin, Texas. 

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  1. Wow! “Set me as a seal upon thy heart, As a seal upon thine arm; For love is strong as death.” The Song of Songs 8:6. I love this.

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