online launch and reading of Labyrinth today 7pm UK time

A reminder that Amethyst Press is launching Diana Durham’s beautiful poetry collection, LABYRINTH, at 7-8pm UK time, 2-3pm EST today. Free online zoom event which you can register for by Eventbrite. One attendee picked at random will get a free Labyrinth book and tote!

click here to register

About Labyrinth:

The poems in Labyrinth trace Diana’s psychic journey out of England and into New England, and how that forced her to grow and expand her understanding of herself, and of the shadow and the gifts of both cultures. 

Praise for Labyrinth:

“Diana writes with a particular crystalline clarity suffusing both her poetry and prose: it is her essential expression. At the same time, her philosophical cast of mind reaches the highest level as a result of her many years of training and inner work.”

—Jay Ramsay, author of Kingdom of the Edge, Monuments. Described by Caduceus magazine as “England’s foremost transformation poet.”

“I loved the light in this one! And that slow large wave that moves through much of your poetry….where I end up existing in something huge, like a massive sense of space..” 

—Jude Repar, Attunement Practitioner and healer.

“Beautiful—your work speaks to me.” 

—Iain McGilchrist, author ofThe Master & His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

		Launch of Labyrinth: Poems by Diana Durham image

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