Lifting the Prayers of the Earth – a poem by M. Anne Alexander

Lifting the prayers of the earth

Spring has sprung, eagerly 
reaching out to the sun before
enough rain has come. 

Stubs of corn crouch ghostly 
gold and dandelion seeds 
fly like autumn midges. 

A beech-shadowed chalk stream 
chants clear and reflects dancing 
clouds, suffused by the sun.

A broken trunk revives, restored 
as seven, roots bared, steps down 
to water, serving animal thirsts.

Streams spring down banks too steep 
to support weaker trees, their flow 
blending with the water’s song.

Water meadows meander on the other side, 
keeping some balance in these seasons, 
of which we are uncertain what we know. 
Kites circle, surveying the scene 
for signs of flaws in the scheme, 
when they will hover and swoop as

crows call from nests at the tops of trees 
closest to the sky… as our human souls 
intertwine, lifting the prayers of the earth.

M. Anne Alexander’s poetry generally explores restorative relationships with Nature, especially in landscapes with spiritual, historical and contemporary significance. Her background is as a lecturer in English and teacher of Music. She began writing poetry as an outcome of counselling. Poems are published regularly in the Bury Free Press and in Poetry Space, including in their recent Locked Down Anthology. Other poems are to appear in the August and September issues of Dreich. She is also author of Thomas Hardy: the “dream-country” of his fiction – a study of the creative process (Vision Press/Barnes & Noble).

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