Kristin in the Light Café – a poem by Elizabeth Kuelbs

Kristin in the Light Café

I match my handlebar to your handlebar      our tires	
riot up forsythia    pussy willow    luscious mud 
    sprays our vernal wakes    the lake ice booms    the buds thrum 
so green and full     the insides of things too 

the desire in the boys’ eyes     the intent in the exact cobalts 
and fleeces of their shirts     which are only shirts  	which we know	 
  yet gardens glimmer anyway     you dance with me      you 
thunder with me a storm of leaps of flight on the pier on the lake 

in the everything silver moon glow glittering fish flee to far lilac coves 
owls scold      you laugh me up from gravity breathless
  you     whose brain excised     exquisite     awaits a microscope
catalpa seeds fly now 	  my night helicopter churns the leaden water now

and you meet me at a table in the light café	
you meet me     where crystal fans spin prisms into filigreed mirrors 		
  apricot prosecco fizzes before you     and your arms of peace 
embrace me in the always Just-spring air      

Elizabeth Kuelbs writes at the edge of a Los Angeles canyon. Her work appears in Psalms of Cinder & Silt, Poets Reading the News, The Timberline Review and elsewhere. She holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and is the author of the poetry chapbook Little Victory (2021). 

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