Presentiment – a poem by Tony Lucas


Slip from a warm bed
dark in the night and all
the house still sleeping
draw back a curtain on
the garden stained with
street light expectation
of some revelation
disclosure of small secrets
trusted to no one else
yet only stillness
maybe a breath of wind
to agitate deep bushes
at most a stalking cat
sound of a car door on
the nearby street nothing
remarkable by daylight
nobody else to share
the privacy of this small
silence which sustains
your premonition
around hidden meaning
fancy of secret knowledge
wrapped in such scraps
as you alone have seen.

Tony Lucas is retired from parish ministry but continues work of editing and spiritual direction.  His poetry has appeared widely, on both sides of the Atlantic, and past collections Rufus At Ocean Beach (Stride/Carmelyon) and Unsettled Accounts (Stairwell Books) remain available.

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