The Silence Inside – a poem by Margaret Coombs

The Silence Inside

I want to write about silence
but it is never silent 
inside this blue house.

Motorcyclists rev 
their engines,
my laptop grinds away 
at some obscure function,
and the refrigerator belts
another work song. 

The house tells me it will 
grant my wish,
but only if I remove 
all of its contents,    
including myself. 

Margaret Coombs is a poet and retired librarian from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA, the city of her birth, located on the western shore of Lake Michigan. Her first chapbook, The Joy of Their Holiness, was published in 2020 by Kelsay Press under the name Peggy Turnbull. She now uses her birth name as her pen name. Recent poems have appeared in Silver Birch Press, Bramble, Three Line Poetry, and Verse-Virtual.  She occasionally blogs at


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