Small Incidents of Synchronicity – a poem by Tom Bauer

Small Incidents of Synchronicity

A plate of shrimp goes sailing by. We see
them everyday, four or five times a day.
And then we see behaviors happen grouped
in types per day. Things like illegal turns
all happen the same day, like plates of shrimp,
in groups of four or five. I could track them.
There are problems, like pareidolia
and bias, to name two to make me a fool.
“There’s nothing supernatural,” my dad said.
But what if they’re real in natural ways? Patterns
in some kind of substance? It seems amazing,
the way life always serves these platters on time,
like snacks at some reality soiree,
like cells pulsing on a bigger path than mine.

Tom Bauer is an old coot who did a bunch of university and stuff. He 
lives in Montreal and plays board games.

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