Natural Light – a poem by Jessamyn Rains

Natural Light

The crayons crumble inside their plastic bag
and a stick floats around the house, trapped inside

like a bug. The Tupperware is muddy,
the cardboard boxes soggy, and rocks

slide down the chute of a toy cement truck.
I feel like a drying-out drunk today, inside

a bloated laundry basket
with a headache, and my joints are bone

on bone, my brain a misfire
of thought and emotion. Natural light

fills the room through slats of a window blind,
alternating bars of dark and light,

and the picture on the wall is of a butterfly
stretching and drying its crumpled wings.

Jessamyn Rains is a writer, musician, and mother of four. She loves old books and new poetry. She lives with her family in East Tennessee. 

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