Grace, defined – a poem by Caroline Liberatore

Grace, defined


I am spineless, stiff-armed,
coveting guilt. I know
my own hands. They’re soaked

with ichor, viscous 
from attempted mercy.
Saccharine stain nauseating
in wake of a foreign economy.

My slitted sinew unravels.
          Oh, nods mercy, It will be hemmed. 


Slander slices a carving
knife into blood orange
and seeps. You peeled
instead of mourning,
citric carcass rested gently
on the sill. Wedge to lips, now
             take, sip the nectar.


Cross-examined, then consoled:
             We’ll have nothing more to do with that. 

Caroline Liberatore is a former English student and future librarian. She has also been published in Ashbelt Journal, Ekstasis Magazine, Foreshadow Magazine, and Clayjar Review. You can read more of her work at

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