Long, Water, X – Tanka by Leslie Anne Bustard


One cannot measure
an anxious heart—hope becomes
a long wait, stretching
into the watchful stillness 
of the always now of God. 


Those dark waves roared, yet 
you parted and stilled and walked
on them; now, Living 
Water, reach out—free me from
the pull of the undertow.


X marks the spot on 
a treasure map; and what more
could my heart long for
except to be a pearl of
God’s, found and rejoiced over?

Leslie Anne Bustard is a writer, poet, and editor who lives in Lancaster City, PA. She writes for Cultivating Project and Black Barn Online. Wild Things and Castles in the Sky: A Guide to Choosing the Best Books for Children, a book of essays she co-edited, will be released this April through Square Halo books. Her website Poetic Underpinnings (https://www.poeticunderpinnings.com) contains her writings, podcasts, and the goodness of other people’s creativity.

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