Uzzah – a poem by Caroline Liberatore


Released wayward, silicate pinball rages,
ricochet on porcelain globes, chip and tarnish.

A crime of misplaced trajectory, awry in vibrancy,
                                        and yet, who is the culprit?

Past, present, future: the apple falls.
The bird ascends in dance, not fight. 

All yield to the pull with fervorous grace but I, the great
                                        and undomesticated. Or do I surge in blasphemy?

Constellations may dismantle into individuals,
But when held in cohesion, Orion pirouettes.

Dear cosmos, teach me to capitulate.
Untethered desire seethes fury. Gravity radiates

And all is well. Drag me down deep
Under layers of dirt, rightfully burrowed

As a paralytic of the universe.
                                        This, the highest of callings?

Caroline Liberatore is a former English student and future librarian. She has also been published in Ashbelt Journal, Ekstasis Magazine, Foreshadow Magazine, and Clayjar Review. You can read more of her work at

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