Groomed Yard Imaginings – a poem by Kay Kestner

Groomed Yard Imaginings 
wishes to be overgrown 
be bud and sprout with  
endless possibility to branch out 
but the grounds man comes weekly 
pruning trimming grooming 
distinctly deciding the limits  
of growth and shape and size 
sore branch spills sap 
prays for storm to uproot him 
topple him onto the grounds man 
set yard of trees free  
to become great forest 
uncut un-groomed 
beautiful wide-open wildness 

Kay Kestner is a screenwriter, poet, and prose writer.  She is the founder and former editor of Poetry Breakfast.  Kay has led writing workshops through the Ministry of Artistic Intent and The NJ Poetry and Arts Barn.  You can find more information about her work at

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