Ensō – a poem by Caroline Reddy


  The Ensō shape is complete, 
  in its dance of form and emptiness
  to remind us of this and that
  spinning us inwards;
  wrapping us in incense and breath.
 It is the Ensō that 
 can encircle gritty metallic scraps 
 and dark chocolate-
 or twin flames
 an ocean away 
 awakening when the other is asleep
 but always completing
 the reflection of the other.
I wonder if we can rotate 
within the center of gravity,
with no duality 
across time and space.
I wonder if we can embrace it all:
even when we have survived wars,
and the death of those we love;
their bodies have absorbed 
a mountain of clouds
and mulch insulating the soil
inside those molecules. 

We can be partners in the process
as we snuggle under the covers
as our moment unfolds
as a karaoke bar plays an old-time song
and a child wonders about a supernova—
and an Ensō.

Caroline Reddy’s accepted and published work include poems in Bethlehem Writers Roundtable, Clinch, Cacti-Fur, Star*line, Braided Way, Active Muse.org and Soul Lit.  In the fall of 2021, her poem A Sacred Dance was nominated for Best of The Net prize by Active Muse

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