Gospel of Magdalene – a poem by Letitia Jiju

Gospel of Magdalene

God, quilt me in
winnowing sea-limbs.

	Under this greening 
	thicket of touch. 

Want is syllabled;
it shuns all language

	but whirling noons
	in the drawly moon-

mouth that wishbone us.
God, kilt me unto you

	as night pleats
	into frilled wait.

Let me rake and rake
the ruddy earth to myself.

	Lodge me somewhere
		in its hunger.

Letitia Jiju is an engineer and finance professional who has a penchant for exploring and retelling the divine and the mythological. Her poems have appeared/are forthcoming in Zero Readers, The Daily Drunk, Moist Poetry Journal, Acropolis Journal and Emirates Literature Festival. She serves as Poetry Editor at Mag 20/20. You can find her on Twitter/Instagram @eaturlettuce.

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  1. lineatatime says:

    What a lovely write Letitia. A gorgeous opening that draws the reader right in. The play with words is beautiful too. it’s a lovely read aloud piece and I love how you’ve set it on the page. Fab opening and closing. Well done!


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