The arenaceous facet of totality/entity – a poem by V.S. Rakenduvadhana

The arenaceous facet of totality/entity

The sands of stochasticity speckle the ambits of my hands.
Like torrents, the sands bloom in the terra of Pneuma;
They fill the floor, in petaline mounds.

The sands are the sea. 
The horizon splinters mitotically,
Into each granule of the sand.
Yet each grain bears a different face.

Many days, I lie motionless upon the sands.
Aphids and millipedes scuttle upon the sands.
Many days crawl along the ridge of my sentience, like a millipede, and upon                                                                                                                                                                                                     the sands.
(Or perhaps, each of those days trudges like a leg of the millipede;
 Dangerously similar to the rest of the herd of legs; upon the sands.)

Many days, my love and I, build temples with the sands.
We borrow and build; and by sunset, we return the temples to the sands.
(Or perhaps, each day, the sands pour the temples into us; 
And by sunset, return the temples to granularity.)

Thelema is a curl etched upon the sands.
Thelema speckles the sands like the sun.
Thelema is a shadow of the grains.

Many days, I sit and count the sands.
Many days, I watch how they can rain, and how they can rise.
Many days I weep at the mounds of gargantuanness.
Many days, I am a crescent waning to the grains of minusculity.
(Or perhaps, each day, the sands count me, and watch the torrential murmur of my veins; 
And how the rise and fall of my thorax ordain the waning and waxing of the horizon,
In my every negligibility and ampleness.)

The sands are fictile flowers
That construct our fractality;
And we are the granules 
That define their infinitude.

The sands of stochasticity surge from my pupils;
They sit imperturbably, with crossed limbs, like ascetics,
Within my cephalic vortices and cortices.

 χάος (Cháos) is hoisted upon the sands—
 Entropy rings with the sound of O(h)m (Ω)—
The snake shaped like a Markovian chain, bit its tail—

The snake exuviates, and its skin is sand.


Authors note: Philosophical concepts in the poem
Pneuma: in Stoic thought) the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person.
Thelema: The word thelema is the English transliteration of the Koine Greek noun θέλημα (pronounced [θelima]), "will," from the verb θέλω (thélō): "to will, wish, want or purpose."

V.S. Rakenduvadhana is an Indian writer, poet, visual artist, and filmmaker based in Helsinki. Her diurnal energies are also devoted to her work as a neuroscientist. She has had a lifelong nocturnal affair with philosophy, music, and art in its many forms. Her works are now published/emerging in various literary magazines including The Vital Sparks, The Abstract Elephant, In Parentheses, Camas, and Rigorous; while she works on her first novella. Website:   

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