K – a poem by Partha Chatterjee



Stars blooming in the sky.
Burbling Yamuna.
Ri and Krishna are sailing away on a boat.
Ri asks murmuring, 'can the world ever separate you from me?

Krishna smiles.
The oar cuts burbling water 
but they're weaved together again.


Ri, if you'll not receive me, I am nothing.
Lightning, the tragic king of sparks, loses his crown in a flash as there's no one to receive him.
Ri, I'm nothing if you will not receive me.


Ri, neither in a sound sleep nor in an unfeeling death, I love my eyes to be closed during an amorous kiss on the flute summoning you.


Sakhi, when I shed tears, Krishna never casts words of solace over me. Rather, sitting beside me, he also sheds tears
as he knows only water can hold water. Raindrops on the land just wither away


Sakhi, Krishna is so mischievous.
When I run on tiptoe for fear of getting drenched in rain, he beckons me waving his leaves as a tree and offers me shelter, but gradually makes me wet with the raindrops dripping from his leaves, when rain stops outside.

Partha Chatterjee is a practising poet from India. His first anthology, Flashes of the Lightning, was published from AlienBuddha Press , California, USA. in 2018.

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