This Morning’s Minion Glimpse – a poem by Tom Bauer

This Morning’s Minion Glimpse

Oh God, it’s growing, some kind of grey mass
of muscle flexing within, still living in
the sinewed wetlands of the mind; live bands
of light, spindly bright, threading over time.
The yearning agony of energy
is shoving through, pushing in my chest,
pushing me, swirling through an outlet,
a chasm, opening to more and more light.
I push myself part way through, an astral birth,
an oozing forth by inches, slow, yet sure.
It isn’t us that’s in control, we know
that much is true. It’s us, but then it isn’t.
It’s no one, then it’s me and you. Engage,
supply, and circulate. We, this, is new.

Tom Bauer always wanted to write poetry. In the late 1980s, he published his own chapbooks, which he sold door-to-door. Currently, he has work forthcoming in Blue Unicorn.

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