Kaleidoscope – a poem by Janice L. Freytag


Look at a barley loaf
through the beveled lens.
See it open
like a feast of 
golden flowers 
slicing into my hunger
on a thousand knives.

Do it again with a fish.
Prismatic acrobat leaping
through glass fragments,
filling the frame
with silver glint.
I was never filled
before today.

Look at our clustered
faces, and hands 
splintering across green grass,
giving, taking
mirrored baskets, 
circling round the center
where all good gifts meet.

Janice L. Freytag currently resides in Souderton, PA. She began writing poetry after working in post-war Bosnia.  Her poems have appeared in Radix, Relief, Saint Katherine Review, Windhover and others. In addition to poetry, she has written four children’s musicals. She is an enthusiastic, though not always successful, gardener.

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