Dive into Light – a poem by Elizabeth Hykes

Dive into light
Dive deep into light and swim.
Then, stand and squeeze the
light from your hair and
watch it fly around you.
Grab some drops from their flight
You can feel droplets of water
smaller than fog, but a liter of light
feels no different from a
wheelbarrow full.
All light reflected from the ocean
weighs the same as
the light in your hand.

As it does every day
darkness falls upon you.
There! See the trail you generate:
A rainbow, droplets of light
continue to fly from your
saturated hair.
You might see a pot of gold
revealed by rainbow light,
or perhaps your greatest fear
no longer hidden in the dark.

Know that light always returns.
Dive back in.
See how light receives you,
welcomes and uncloaks the
dark cloud that, like the rainbow,
follows you.
How well you swim
buoyed and cleansed
unhampered by the darkness
you just explored.

Elizabeth Hykes lives and writes in southern Missouri. A retired clinical social worker, writing has sustained her through the ups and downs of life.

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