The Lark Ascending – a poem by Ruth Holzer

The Lark Ascending

The strings begin to sing, the violin
releasing its melody while the lark hovers
over the meadow, over the white cottages
and the wavery line of alders along the rill.

The throb in his throat
quickens in sun-splashed flight,
as higher and higher he rises,
and the last infinite note soars

beyond the reach of sight and hearing,
beyond the reach of all
but faith at the swing
of heaven’s gate.

Ruth Holzer is the author of eight chapbooks, most recently, Living in Laconia (Gyroscope Press) and Among the Missing (Kelsay Books). Her poems have appeared in Blue Unicorn, Faultline, Slant, and Plainsongs, as well as previously in Amethyst Review. She has received several Pushcart Prize nominations.

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