Garden – a poem by German Dario


“And it wears me out and it wears me out” 
from Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead

This summer was a question mark last spring,
so much depends on too much
of any one thing.

The garden I tended for weeks yielded nothing, 
first it was too much water, 
then not enough, 
and last, the heat.

Small bodies reaching out of bursting seeds 
bent in prayer to weather 
that which could not be controlled,
once, twice, then surrender.
How many times was it really?
The soil was a promise not a guarantee.

Summer saunters toward another beginning
and some green is showing in my garden 
pushing against the oppressive heat,
David and Goliath.

Early fall 
and the zucchini's young yellow flower 
greeted me this morning,
that is all,
and it may just be enough for today.

German Dario (he/him) resides in Tempe, Arizona with his wife, two sons, three dogs, a guinea pig, many plants, and sometimes a fish. Recently published work in Novus Literary Arts Journal, Five South, Opossum, Gargoyle Magazine, Gyroscope Review, and San Pedro River Review. His poem “sanctuary” was short listed in 2021 for the Five South Poetry Prize.

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