Railway Fields – a poem by Anthony Tomkins

Railway Fields

Between our rubble sprawls 
is a crack of infinity. 
It fills the interregnum of every train journey. 

Dogwalkers – the sages of this space
traipse copse and field flank, 
breathe brownfield pleasure. 
They wander the Pindrop flatland with apothecary vials. 
Their sweetened tinctures a mud remedy. 

Steam rises from a pasty, seat 36
and the great synapse of flood glass reflections 
fragments past scarred windows. 
The scent of peppered turnip 
conjures a request stop:

Decanting into fields of oil-seed rape,
the Citizens of Carriage B watch 
muntjac fangs strip the fibres of burdock root,
and sweat in the herbalist air.

Anthony Tomkins is a PhD researcher with the University of York’s English and Related Literature Department, working on athletic memoirs. He writes about ethereal nature and the sublime landscape of his Brecon Beacons home. 

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