Approaching the Last Solstice – a poem by Patrick Cabello Hansel

Approaching the Last Solstice

we are all Joshuas
knee-deep in the Jordan
our feet stone still
our words frozen trumpets
about to crack the earth
we make the sun stop
simply by singing our song

Katherine was laid to rest
on her anniversary
the bullet from her back
tilts in the examiner’s hand
the prayer for her murderer
lights like a crow
on the white stone tower 

when we love someone
we bundle them in fabric
then wood, then earth
we hear their voices
for a few days, a month
then winter down
for the long silence
we must wait
we must kindle
we must sink

Patrick Cabello Hansel is the author of the poetry collections The Devouring Land (Main Street Rag Publishing) and Quitting Time (Atmosphere Press). He has published work in over 80 journals, and won awards from the Loft Literary Center and MN State Arts Board. You can find him at

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  1. Love “we make the sun stop simply by singing our song”

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