Thursday, 12:21 p.m. – a poem by Justin Lacour

Thursday, 12:21 p.m.
When I was a teenager,
one of the brothers who taught
at my Catholic school
actually came to my house
because he was worried
how much I was drinking.
We took a walk on the levee
and watched the cargo ships
drifting up river, then
he told me it was okay
to be angry at God;
God can take it.
My God, I worry You’ve
made a world where one mistake
will cost me everything
and to trust You is to provoke
disaster, but here I am,
hiding in Your great shadow.
Today, for a moment, I flew
high above the old anger,
as if pulled by a team of small,
drab birds, their hearts bursting
to lift me off the ground.
I wanted to take everything back,
make my mind another sort
of storm, and give it to You.

Justin Lacour lives in New Orleans and edits Trampoline: A Journal of Poetry.

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