Milk of Magnesia – a poem by S.C. Donnelly

Milk of Magnesia 

It’s the blue ones we’re after:
glass shards rubbed by sand and tide 
cobalt gems—a far cry 
from their indelicate past.

The ordinary green, white, and brown 
discs we pocket as well, 
for they too— 
though likely remnants 
of bottles of cheap beer
whose contents led 
to countless poor decisions—
have become something beautiful.

Should some divine eye 
look down upon our own 
manufactured selves,
if some almighty hand 
picked us up
flipped us over
rubbed us 
with a seraphic thumb 
to inspect what we’ve become, 
would we be collected into a cloud 
pocket to adorn some celestial summer home

or would its gargantuan arm skip us back 
across the ocean plane 
to sink again beneath the waves 
until our pasts were pummeled smooth 
in the tumult 
of forgetting and forgiving? 

S. C. Donnelly is a writing tutor in Boston. She has been a creative writing workshop leader, a book review editor for the Colorado Review, and a Tupelo Press’ 30/30 poet in 2022She has published two poems in The Charles River Review and several online book reviews. 

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