Apis Vero Est – a poem by Charles Haddox

Apis Vero Est

The bees in
scatter iridescent lures 
before the
open boundary fence;
a diligent, eloquent
Avenues of almond trees
fringed with mint and rue
welcome gold-winged 
chanting by the dawn.

Enlivened in
their gathering task 
to live a now familiar life
after the bee of Nazareth,
in lambent cells
of wine--
their healing angels
ward the life
as slender Wedgewood thyme.

All labor ends at sunset,
but singing
never dies.

Charles Haddox lives in El Paso, Texas, on the U.S.-Mexico border, and has family roots in both countries.  His work has appeared in a number of journals and anthologies. charleshaddox.wordpress.com

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