Doubt? – a poem by Dan Cuddy


I wrestle with it
Like some spar with angels.

Who doesn’t exist for a lot of peopl
Or who becomes a poster Jesus
Stuck on light poles,
Bumpers, vacant building windows,
Is always a shadow
Who may be my projection
Or an absence that is a presence.

The enlightenment only goes so far,
Then Heisenberg’s unprincipled principle.
Shadows lay across the mind
And the heart,
Its pulse so emotion driven.
Revelation is certainly a matter of perception.
All stories are true if you suspend disbelief.
Poems are not philosophy,
Or axioms,
Or wisdom;
Poems are the cries of the heart,
The fire of immaterial molecules,
The immaterial fire of molecules,
Arrows shot into the night,
String Theory at its finest.

Dan Cuddy is currently an editor of the Loch Raven Review. In the past he was a contributing editor of the Maryland Poetry Review and an editor for Lite: Baltimore’s Literary Newspaper. He has had a book of poetry published, Handprint on the Window, in 2003. Most recently he has had poems published in the End of 83, Broadkill Review, Welter, the Twisted Vine Literary Journal, the Pangolin Review, Madness Muse Press, Horror Sleaze Trash, the Rats’s Ass Review, Roanoke Review and, Gargoyle, and the LA Cultural Daily.

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