To See the Shining Here – a poem by Brian Palmer

To See the Shining Here

I see their shining auras wild
In yellow fields where snow had been,
New flower heads on tender stems,
All moving in the sun and wind
Just after rain from ground that seems 
Infertile on this rocky stretch,
The rising belly of the West.

Yet I have heard that from thin air 
The earth was formed and tilled at dawn,
Its fields sown with what beauty is;
The yield desired is not absent—
Time and wind and heaving earth
Can make deserted places bloom
That we might see the shining here.

Brian Palmer is intrigued with and often writes about the vital and undeniable intersections of our physical, mental, and spiritual lives. His poetry has appeared in various journals including Expansive Poetry Online, BristleconeThe Society of Classical Poets, and The Lyric.

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