Moving Day – a poem by Allison Xu

Moving Day 

the pickup truck rumbles away with the last few 
        moving boxes. the room is a bare island 
depleted of vegetation of memories. a freezing 
     emptiness hefts itself off its hinges and licks 
your skin. silence blends with soft sunlight easing  
     through the curtainless windows. you scan 
the room one more time, tears teetering
     on the edge of your eyelashes.  
in a forgotten corner of a windowsill, you spot 
     the tiny jar of layered sand with glimmers 
of color. it reminds you of the ocean that used to live 
      in you. its waves fizz into your fingertips and crash 
with your thumping heartbeats. you tuck the jar 
     into your canvas bag emblazoned with “courage” 
and make the last farewell, your steps 
      joining the hum of the road.

Allison Xu is a young writer from Rockville, Maryland. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Blue Marble Review, Unbroken, Paper Lanterns, The Daphne Review, Bourgeon Magazine, and elsewhere. She is currently serving as a senior editor for Polyphony Lit. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, baking, and playing with her beagle.  

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