Ode to My Digitaria – a poem by Janet Krauss

Ode to My Digitaria (Crabgrass)

Lavish yourself across
the wooden bucket, flourish
as you cover every inch
of the circle of cracked earth
that nourishes and helps you grow
on your stout stems into the hot air
and light where you flare out
like a dancer, finger-like leaves
velvet to the touch.
You defy the lack of rain
and you are the last of intense green
to remain until the autumn frost
finds you but maybe not
the small part of yourself
pushing forth from the crack
in the bottom of the bucket.

Janet Krauss, who has two books of poetry published, Borrowed Scenery, Yuganta Press, and Through the Trees of Autumn, Spartina Press, has recently retired from teaching English at Fairfield University. Her mission is to help and guide Bridgeport’s  young children through her teaching creative writing, leading book clubs and reading to and engaging a kindergarten class. As a poet, she co-directs the poetry program of the Black Rock Art Guild.

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